The Woodbridge12 condominium project represents the unique convergence of vision between architect and developer, and a passion on the part of both to see it come to fruition.  In this case, the vision belonged to architect Zoltan Pali, FAIA of Studio Pali Fekete architects (SPF:a), and to developer, Elan Mordoch.  Pali's philosophy brought no particular design agenda to the table – a pure modernist, the architect allowed the site, program, and environmental constraints give shape to the building and its components, resulting in an efficient and poetic design solution.  He is of the, "What does the building want to be?" school of architecture, and his dozens of prestigious design awards attest to his ability to answer that question with stunning and impressive results.  Developer, Elan Mordoch, has spent his life studying both quality architecture and quality construction projects.  With Woodbridge12 the developer was meticulous about expressing every architectural detail with a precision and build quality, typical of high end custom homes, but rarely seen on multi-family real estate developments. Finishes, products, and a myriad of carefully thought out unit features elevate the Woodbridge12 residences to some of the finest residential units available in Southern California.