Woodbridge12 was built with aspirations toward the highest standards of sustainability, both for the health of the planet and for the health and happiness of its residents. The following list highlights some of the green features of the project:

Swisspearl™ Rain Screen
The large-size cement composite panels are mainly made of mineral raw materials (Portland cement and lime stone), water and air. Since more than 20 years high quality non-toxic fibres have been used to reinforce the cement core. The manufacturing process is based on a closed water cycle and a slow natural 28 days curing requires little energy.

Swisspearl™ Rain Screen Neither the raw materials nor the production process nor the finished products contain any dangerous substances.

Once they are installed, the SWISSPEARL® systems optimized for the ventilated, insulated rain-screen application provide the key to energy conserving solutions both for winter and summer; they are practically maintenance free during their whole lifespan of at least 40 years. And finally, the ultimate dismantling of the panel system is as straight forward as its initial installation. The process to fully recycle the products in cement plants has been successfully tested in Switzerland. The grey energy used per m2 façade of the complete product cycle is only 125 MJ.

Swisspearl™ Rain Screen Cool Roof
The building's roof is white, reducing heat gain. On a white roof, only 20% of the sunlight is absorbed into the roofing. Cool roofs also last longer. The reason is changing temperatures cause a roof to expand and contract. Since white roofs expand less in summer time, the roofing product is worn less.

Cool Roof Cool Roof Atlas Concorde Porcelain
Atlas Concorde was one of the first ceramic tile producers to obtain the Ecolabel certification for all its Porcelain stoneware collections. This certification, issued by the European Union for low environmental impact products, confirms the company's commitment to environment and respect towards customers who care for environmental problems.

Lighting and Air
The greatest energy-saving achievement in architecture is to create enough natural air flow and lighting in a residence so as to render the building's artificial lighting and ventilation as unnecessary as possible. Woodbridge's open floor plans and its floor-to-ceiling operable sliders draw significant light and air in and through the home. Additionally, the developer spared no expense in driving down energy usage through lighting choices. Energy-saving lights are used throughout the project, including LED undercabinet lighting in the kitchens.

Aware of the importance of caring for the environment through responsible, sustainable production, Parklex has earned the PEFC certificate. This chain of custody certification is a guarantee that Parklex is collaborating in the sustainable maintenance and improvement of the forests and the environment.

Parklex Fiberon Decking
Earth-friendly and sustainable, Fiberon composite decking is made from locally-sourced, discarded wood flour generated from other wood processes and recycled plastic that would normally go to waste. Because it doesn't splinter, crack or decay, it also eliminates the need to replace or repair boards.

Fiberon Decking Low-Flow Toilets
Toto Drake II toilets are high efficiency, low water usage fixtures, using approximately 20% less water than standard toilets.

Toto Drake II Toilet